A Word About Zig

When I met him many years ago, I called him “Mr. Ziglar” which brought immediate correction. “Call me Zig” was the response.

It was unnatural for me to call by their first name someone I respected so much, but Zig made me comfortable immediately. And so it was with Zig for so many things over the extraordinary 86 years we were graced with his presence.

When my kids met Zig, they shook his hand firmly, looked him straight in the eye and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Ziglar.” They did what they’d been taught to do and they were showing respect to their elders.

They were met with the same correction: “Call me Zig.” They looked up at me for a nod to make sure it was ok. And, of course, they received permission. Who was I to argue with Zig?

He was more than the greatest personal achievement motivator America has ever produced. He was a wonderful husband and father and grandfather. He was a great friend. And he was a true disciple of Christ.

Whether it was lessons on life or love or marriage…work or parenting or sales…Zig had a way of making the difficult and unnatural comfortable and even fun.

While I will miss Zig’s presence, we’ll forever have his influence.

I will have what millions of people around the world have. We will all have the difference he made in this world and the world of difference he made in the life of every person he touched.

(NOTE: Zig Ziglar’s Memorial Service on Saturday at 11am central time will be streamed live at ZigZiglarRadio.com …go and get registered)

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