An opportunity missed…

I love radio.  I have for years.

And I really loved my job.  I loved it every day.

I miss my job.   I miss the fun, the challenge, the camraderie…I could go on and on about all the things I miss about that job.

But few things make me miss my job more than hearing this at the end of a public service announcement extolling the benefits of breastfeeding:

“Texas law allows nursing mothers to breastfeed in public.”

I love the Great State of Texas.



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  1. (if lauren and i are going to have this conversation on this blog, i’m gonna have to get more drive space)

  2. Lauren,
    You made me laugh out loud. I’ve listened to you and Scott long enough to know how strongly he feels about this. That would have been a really great show!
    Miss you guys.

  3. Absolutely Lauren…and as long as she is in a public park in west Texas, she can smoke while she does it. 😉 (just to get Scott back into the conversation)

  4. What was that sound?? Lauren,did you hear it ?? sounded like Scotts head exploding !! yea, that’s what it was !!

  5. It’s posts like this one that really remind me of how much I’m missing the show!

  6. few topics get me as fired up as this one b/c I have such a strong opinion… (unless, of course, we are discussing whether an Olympic event is a sport or an exhibition)… Lauren, did you really want to push that button when we don’t have the space to rebut??? 🙂

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